Press Releases

Chandigarh, June 24,2015: The Central Armed Police Force (CAPFs) have reiterated their demand for One Rank Pension (OROP) on the lines of the defence forces, arguing that the role of CAPFs has become akin to the armed forces since under the changed scenario over the past few decades “direct war conflicts” have made way for “proxy war” or “low intensity conflicts”.

Addressing a press conference here today retired CRPF IGP A.S. Sidhu, who is vice chairman Of National Coordination Committee of ex-CPMF Personnel Welfare Associations, New Delhi, said the “enemy within border” has become much more difficult to identify and neutralise in
comparison to “enemy beyond border”. Even while dealing with “enemy beyond border”, the first hit is always taken by CAPFs, which would mean a lot of “enemy” burden on the armed forces has been shared by CAPFs over the decades, a hard fact which cannot be denied, he added.

Sharing the genesis of the central paramilitary forces (CPMFs), he said it is the same as that of the Indian Defence Forces – entry 2 of the Union List, Seventh Schedule, Article 246 of the Constitution of India, and various Acts passed by the Parliament under which CPFMs have been raised. Therefore legally these Forces also fall under the category of Armed Forces of the Union . Even MHA vide their F. No. 24021/74/2004-PC dated 06.08.2004 affirmed that CRPF, BSF, ITBP, CISF and NSG have been declared as Armed Forces of the Union. However, this nomenclature was unfortunately modified to be read as Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) vide MHA Memo No. 45020/2/2011-Pers-|| dated March 18, 2011, effectively diminishing the value of these forces as Armed Forces of the Union. Incidentally, the combined strength of CAPFs is almost equal to Indian Army.

While the army id deployed in disturbed area with the legal cover of AFSP Act, the CAPFs have to operate without this protection in hostile territories like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and other Naxal affected areas. The cauualties in action among these Forces is also higher than the defence forces.For example in the last 10 years; CPRF has lost 32 gazetted officers (GOs) and 577 NGOs with 5737 personnel being injured in action. In the same period, BSF has lost 253 GOs and NGOs with 1164 personnel being injured in action, while ITBP lost-91 GOs and NGOs and 574 personnel were injured.

Similarly, numerous personnel of CAPFs died in service,death being attributable to working and service conditions like suicides,fratricides,TB and Malaria cases,heart attacks and HIV/AIDS,etc.(CRPF-2920,BSF-2480,ITBP-942). Considering all these factors, the CAPFs should be given the status of ex-servicemen, martyrs and war widows, etc. The entitlement of appropriate benefits should also be notified.